41st EHA National Conference 2016

41st EHA National Conference 2016

Conference Program

Conference Proceedings

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Walker Smith - The Making of Environmental Health Champions

Inger Visby and Jason Whitehead - The Derwent Estuary Program shares science for the benefit of the community, economy and nature: a recreational water quality example

Dr Andrew Mathieson - Bioterrorism...are we prepared?

Tom Ross - Evaluating the safety of raw milk

Liz Canning - Contaminated sites management in Tasmania - current approach and future developments

Anne Bolton - Closures of public swimming pools within NSW, the pubic health risk and results os a state-wide survey

Fidelis Jaravani - Quality of drinking water in rural areas of Hunter New England, New South Wales - risks, determinants and intervention strategies

Martha Mutalange - Solid Waste Management (A case study of Kitwe)

Gemma Rivers - Proactive Industrial Estate Survey: a risk based framework for preventing storm water pollution

Anthony Edwards - A local champion from their field

Helen Psarras - The body modification revolution

Dr Peter Davey - UNISDR Disaster Risk Education Implementation

Wednesday 2 November 2016

Amanda Pratchett - A local champion from their field

Vince Stephens - Future inventions needed to assist environmental health professionals

Trevina Victorsen - Regional mega camps: the challenges of food compliance

Helena Bobbi and Stewart Quinn - Public health management in remote tourist facilities - outbreaks, challenges and solutions

Megan Savill and Abigail Bagnall - Go the trifecta! Regulator + educator + promoter = real results

Michael Sheridan - Development of a dedicated food recall app tool to notify consumers of undeclared mandatory food allergen

Clare Harding - Butts out - expanding smoke free areas in the CBD

Jocelyn Phillips - Even when you lose - you win, learning from a wood smoke education project

James Wood - Third party food safety auditing compliance in Tasmania

Ian Goldthorpe - Dig deep - my personal perspective of exhumations

Iain S Koolhof - The "disconnect": Public and professional perceptions on mosquito management and vector-borne diseases

Scott Edwards - The Cambodian building experience Jan 2016

Cheryl Pembroke - Managing illegal dumping in rural central Queensland

Jaclyn Brown - In 30 years, how might climate change affect what Australians eat and drink?

Claire Moffat - Beyond protecting public health: the social and community effects of asbestos regulation

Sharon O'Regan - Public Health preparedness and implementation of an early warning system at Australian Scouts Jamboree 2016

Sandra Murray and Stuart Auckland - Building resilience into Tasmania's local food system and improving community access to healthy food

Jackie Wright - Importance of cleaning up former clandestine drug laboratories

Susan Bennett - Splash pads, hazards to be aware of

Mark Nolan - Improved cleanliness monitoring in food premises using rapid ATP testing - a pilot study

Belinda Davies - Environmental Health A-Z (Australia to Zambia)

Aaron Clifford - Health Hardware Projects Arising through the Healthy Assessment Tool (HCAT) - from Alpurrurulam to Utopia Homelands

Nick Towle - Tackling climate change and health. A convergence of professional responsibilities

Thursday 3 November 2016

Mitch McPherson - A local champion from their field

Professor Peter McIntyre - Immunisation - policy formulation to delivery - the state of play in 2016

Christopher Vakas - Landfill management - waster minimisation and waste energy

Diane Ross - Stormwater Pollution Educational Awareness Campaign

Susan Bennett, Kim Warne, Louise Dunn - Work-integrated learning in rural areas, an employer and university perspective

Adam Whitehead - An investigation into the alleged breach of conditions of an agreement to use fluoroacetic acid in Queensland

Amy Lovesey - Advances in asbestos management through local and state government collaboration in NSW

Zoe Murray - Using ePortfolios to embed employability frameworks in curriculum

John Innis - Over the fence, down the street and across town: Woodheater smoke in Tasmania

Dr EA Shannon - Improving Environmental and public health: UTAS CARES Collaboration

Dr Andrew Mathieson - Environmental Health research...publish or die!

David Dyjack - Environmental Public Health 2.0: The future of the profession

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